Why You Should Have Your Vehicle Aligned

wheel alignment service

What exactly is a Four Wheel Alignment Service? The height is the distance between the tires. Your tires must be in parallel and equal positions to each other at all times. Caster, or the horizontal angle of the wheel’s pivot, allows the wheels to turn at an upright angle with the wheel being at a 90 degree angle to the ground. The angle between the caster and the wheel is referred to as the caster angle, and camber, which is the angle at the wheel’s pivot point, is referred to as tilt.


Wheel alignment service can be provided by any vehicle manufacturer. However, it may be necessary for you to contact a wheel alignment service to ensure that all of your vehicle’s wheels are aligned correctly. This is especially important when buying new vehicles, where the wheels and tires are typically of a higher quality than older models. Older wheels may lose a considerable amount of traction, causing them to slip on the road. This in turn can greatly increase the chances of an accident because tires can not grip the road properly. A professional wheel alignment service will ensure that all four wheels are in line so that your vehicle performs properly.


It is advisable to have your vehicle serviced periodically. Vehicles that have excessive tread wear can experience accelerated wear rates, causing them to tear through tires at a much faster rate. Additionally, worn bearings can reduce the overall efficiency of your vehicle, causing it to run harder to move. If you have any questions about your vehicle’s performance, or if it feels like it is performing below par, you should definitely have it serviced by a wheel alignment service.

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