Medicare Supplement Rates – How to Compare Rate Plans and Enroll in Medicare

Medicare supplements are there to provide coverage for expenses not addressed through the original Medicare program. The original Medicare program is often referred to as a “fee for service” plan. This fee for service system has set rates and rules for what Medigap premiums should cost, what are eligible expenses, and what Medicare supplement insurance companies offer. These rates are often adjusted periodically to keep up with changing costs.


Cost of Medicare supplement

Because Medicare offers a wide variety of options, a senior faced with the decision between Medicare and supplement rates must weigh the pros and cons of each. The average cost of Medicare supplement insurance for many seniors will greatly depend on the kind of coverage selected, where you reside, the particular insurance company, and your current health status. While these numbers will vary widely, still can give you a good idea of what you could potentially spend. For example, if you are in good health and have no expensive pre-existing medical conditions or hospital stays to report, you will not have to pay higher rates than many seniors with such coverages. However, if you have a family history of high medical bills or if you smoke, are over 45, are retired or have other similar medical issues affecting your premiums, you may want to seriously consider Medicare.


Many seniors select Medicare as their primary source of coverage. There are many great benefits associated with this program that cannot be found in any other insurance plan. It is important that you understand what Medicare can do for you, both to relieve the financial stress of living on a fixed income and to ensure you have adequate healthcare coverage should the need arise. Understanding the fine print and how it can affect your monthly budget can help you make the right decision regarding whether Medicare supplement rates are right for you. Once you understand how this program works, you will be able to make educated decisions about which options best suit your needs.

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