How to Prepare for a DOT Physical

When applying for a DOT physical, you will have to provide your primary care physician with the appropriate health information and a list of prescriptions. You will also need to provide information regarding your hearing and vision. You should also bring the most recent form of identification, such as a driver’s license. The DOT physician will want to review your medical history, so you should prepare for the physical by filling out a health history questionnaire prior to your appointment.

Requirements For Medical Examiners

The DOT physical consists of various tests, including blood pressure and heart rate monitoring. Urine testing is not the same as drug testing, although it will determine whether you have any health problems that can make you unfit to operate a commercial vehicle. The test also screens for blood sugar levels, proteins, and kidney problems. If your results come back normal, you are eligible to drive. Whether or not you pass the test is up to you, but if you fail it, you will have to undergo a drug test again before you get hired.

Performing a DOT physical is essential for commercial drivers. However, not all licensed medical practitioners can perform these exams. For this reason, you should use a tool provided by the FMCSA. Additionally, make sure you know the state’s requirements for medical examiners. The DOT physical exam requires a medical certificate and an exam report form that must be filled out by the test subject. You should be aware that not all chiropractors are qualified to perform DOT physical examinations.

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