Chemistry Lab Jobs in New South Wales

Being a Chemical Analyst or Chemist in NSW is a wonderful career and one that combines your love for science with the pleasing industry. There are many areas to choose from within the field of chemistry that you could choose to specialise in depending on your interests. You will need to be accredited to work in New South Wales as an Industrial Chemist and then be eligible to apply for positions. There is currently a shortage of chemists in New South Wales, which has caused a surge of applications from both domestic and international applicants. This means that those wishing to work in this exciting field should complete their application forms quickly in order to be considered for an interview with a potential employer. Click to continue

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Chemist in NSW

The primary responsibilities of a New South Wales Chemist would be the development and implementation of new drugs and treatments within the chemical and biological industry. Some areas of the country are more known for this than others, such as Sydney and surrounds, but each region has a high unemployment rate and needs to employ those with relevant qualifications in order to keep the business flourishing. Some chemists also act as consultants and conduct research and development activities for both the public and private sectors. In order to qualify to become a chemist in NSW, you must have completed your degree and have a passion for the science behind chemicals, water treatment and health.

You may also specialise in a certain area such as in drug manufacture, quality control and industrial hygienists. A great career path for those that enjoy using analytical and experimental techniques in their line of work. The type of positions available in this field is growing and increasing, which is why the demand for qualified personnel is high. You may even have family connections to offer support when applying for jobs.

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