A Short Overview on Knitting

Knitting is a technique through which yarn is knitted to make a cloth or textile. It is usually used in several forms of textile clothing. It can be knitted by single or multi-color knitting needles. Knitting can be done by machine or by hand. In some cases, it can be done both ways. Click here for official website.



Short Overview on Knitting

In one way, knitting is the same as needle weaving but the fabric produced is quite different from the needle woven ones. In one way, the fabric made is of a single piece and in the other way, the fabric made is of multi-piece. A knitter makes a circular shape by putting yarns of different colours or threads together, folding it in half, and then knitting the edges together. The knitter then wraps up the loose ends of yarn around itself twice around the needle and wraps the needle once more to form a looped ring.

There are many kinds of knitting, and most people are familiar with knitting or crocheting which involves making a closed ring by interconnecting loops of yarn with yarns and then knitting them into a ring. Two kinds of knitting are cross-stitch and knitting in the round. Cross-stitch is when the stitch is repeated around a piece of fabric that is straight and then the other way round is when the stitch is repeated around a round shaped piece of fabric. There are numerous knitting patterns available in books and on various websites. Some people prefer to knit using a set of knitting charts available in books or on the internet.

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